Who is stephanie pratt dating 2016

Commenting on her regime, Rick Hay, Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist: The Super Foodies, said: 'I'm not a fan of not eating before exercise unless you have a specific training goal or sports objective - Binky doesn't need to lose any more weight and I would advise fueling her body before exercise to achieve and maintain healthy outcomes.

Speaking about her workout regime, Binky, left, before, and, right, after, said: 'I go to the gym in the morning as much as I can with my trainer, and I do high-intensity cardio.

Later Stephanie met up with Josh to clear out everything in her statement she said; Well, this must have been most hurtful part of Stephanie life so far, but the good thing is that she has moved on with it and has a new boyfriend now.

It seems as though Josh may not have been the one for Stephanie and she came to know of this soon.

Binky Felstead, left, in 2012 when finding fame with the show, and, right, showing off her new bikini range and trimmer figure last month, has overhauled her lifestyle and started working out with a trainer 'I go to the gym in the morning as much as I can with my trainer, and I do high-intensity cardio,' said the E4 stalwart.

She first shot to fame on MTV's The Hills and two years after joining the Made In Chelsea cast in 2013, she released a memoir, Made In Reality, chronicling her struggles with anorexia, bulimia and an addiction to crystal meth.The star also says she eats vegetables every day and if she's trying to get slim, she'll cut out fruit because of the sugar.She added: 'If I eat a lot of protein I don’t feel hunger.The experience must have been hard, but Stephanie is not someone to wallow in her pain, she has put herself back in the market. They had moved in together in November 2014, and up until April 2015, there was news of them planning to get engaged and occasionally married.So, what changed in just four months that the couple had to split in August 2015?

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