Updating drive information for drive

* @param bool $new Revision Whether or not to create a new revision for this file. Returns: Updated file metadata if successful, None otherwise. file = service.files().get(file Id=file_id).execute() # File's new metadata.* @return Google_Servie_Drive_Drive File The updated file. */ function update File($service, $file Id, $new Title, $new Description, $new Mime Type, $new File Name, $new Revision) from apiclient import errors from import Media File Upload # ... file['title'] = new_title file['description'] = new_description file['mime Type'] = new_mime_type # File's new content.Replacing your laptop's (or desktop PC's) hard drive is one of the best upgrades you can do (and get more out of an older laptop in particular): If you upgrade to a larger drive, you'll gain much-needed storage space or at least a big productivity boost from faster hard drive speeds.(With solid-state drives, SSDs, dropping dramatically in price, you can really speed up your computer for very little investment.) Here's what you need to know about replacing your hard drive and easily moving your data and programs to the new drive. If you have an older laptop, for example, the connector for the drive might not work with newer hard drives.It takes more time to install the operating system and programs again, but I like having the system brand-new, so to speak.Programs like Ninite and All My Apps make reinstalling applications really easy when setting up your new laptop--or re-setting up your laptop.

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Tip: Updating drivers yourself is not difficult, but there are programs that will more or less do it for you.For details on how revisions are retained, see the Drive Help Center.(Default: Folder color as an RGB hex string if the file is a folder.The list of supported colors is available in the folder Color Palette field of the About resource.If an unsupported color is specified, it will be changed to the closest color in the palette. Collection of parent folders which contain this file.

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