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Community marshals can summon help for people if they experience a medical emergency and they also know how to de-escalate a situation if there are counterprotesters, for instance, said Gena Berglund, co-captain of the marshals.

“We are doing the best we can to make sure people have a safe place to exercise their First Amendment rights,” Berglund said. It’s going to be a small city of people we’re convening for this march.” Women’s March Minnesota organizers are expecting more than 20,000 people to attend Saturday.

They’ll be allowed into their outdoor habitat at a.m.

to eat their cakes — without their mom, Lun Lun, who ate the girls’ birthday treats herself during a birthday week kickoff Saturday.

Like any siblings, twins who have the same father can look completely different from each other.

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The first set of panda twins to be born in the United States, Mei Lun and Mei Huan, mark their first birthday today at Zoo Atlanta.When we see twins, we may assume that both eggs were fertilized during a single act of intercourse. But it's quite possible for one egg to be fertilized during one act of intercourse, and the other during another. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Steve Frazer addresses a group of people on Wednesday, Jan.Paul on Saturday, hundreds of them will have been trained to keep the event going smoothly.

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