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The Polaris Project, which works to combat slavery of all kinds (more people are enslaved by forced labor than the sex trade) has just released this awesome map, which identifies the local trafficking-fighting agencies all over the world.But Carol Smolenski, executive director of ECPAT USA, suggests that hotel security is your first line of attack. It also can help with your emotional and mental health.Exercise can help you improve your self-esteem, keep your mind off problems, and give you a sense of control.

“We still recommend that if people are in a hotel when they notice something wrong, they should report it to the hotel management.” And if you’re in the United States, it be worthwhile to keep this number handy, too, 1-888-373-7888, the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Carlson didn’t provide any numbers and some observers are dubious, but Stanoch is persuaded they have.Hotels have put in very sophisticated camera equipment, but that doesn’t mean they catch everything.Rooms which are being used by traffickers typically have a lot of men coming and going, and sometimes have men congregating outside the door, in the lobby or in the parking lot.It proved a busy weekend for Arnold, who later headed to Coachella to see his other son, Patrick, 22, after a video emerged which showed him taking a mystery pill at a dance party.(Patrick's representative told Daily that he was taking Party Smart, a herbal pill that prevents hangovers when drinking.

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