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Sahrzad knows the best solutions how to be safe on-line in the Middle East!There are also others vpn solutions that we can recommend.Social media are monitored in UAE and sharing adult content is definitely not allowed.This is a part of anti cyber crime law in UAE: “The decree criminalises activities by any person who creates or runs any electronic site to send, transmit, publish or promote online any pornographic material, gambling activities and any other indecent acts.This connection is not encrypted by default, but can be configured to be encrypted.Once the Remote Desktop connection is successful, use the browser on the remote Windows system to browse the Internet. VNC is a program used to connect from one computer's desktop to another. Search Google for the website and then click on the cached version link. This step is unlikely to work unless the website was blocked as a mistake.Etisalat, the only Internet service provider in the UAE, has been aggressive and quick at blocking websites, including those that might be used to circumvent the blocks.

Internet censorship is present in many countries of the world today and Middle East is a place with the most severe restrictions.

No, it is technically not illegal, and I know since I’m guilty of downloading quite a number of torrents for movies and some computer applications.

I download using UTorrent and Pirate Bay, and so far, that is all the luck I have been getting.

There are thousands of free proxy servers on the Internet.

Use any search engine to look for an updated list of free proxy servers.

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