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Many of the millennials when interviewed, told that the benefit of dating someone from outside your race is the opportunity to learn about a different culture.“I love getting to know somebody with a different culture, with a different religion, something different from my own because there is so much to learn about the person,” one of the survey participants, 29-year-old Choo May Kuen said in an interview.Senior lecturer at Monash University Dr Yeoh Seng Guan said the survey results were not surprising as it is a global trend where for the younger generation, especially living in cosmopolitan and metropolitan centres, conventional social identity markers like ethnicity, religion and place of origin, matter less than “individual self-fulfilment” and “interpersonal compatibility”.

Priyenshar Sebastian, 22, said while she does not judge friends who engage in premarital sex, she felt sexual relations should only be with her married partner.

The Edit: Directors Guild sets the bar with progressive nominations Trump uses slur to describe immigrants from Haiti, Africa Biggest weekly slide for Bitcoin since 2015 on the cards The Edit: Queen Elizabeth gets candid KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — They are a generation that has developed a reputation for narcissism and given the world numerous sexual abbreviations such as NSA, DTF, and FWB (Google is your friend here, Gen X-ers and baby boomers).

But is that image of self indulgence and casual relationships deserved?

Explaining the openness to sex, Hew pointed out that the age of first marriage was increasing from one generation to another, which made it “unrealistic” to expect people to defer sexual activity when they are marrying ever later in life.

“After all, the millennials have enjoyed the democratisation of education and contraception is easily and cheaply available.

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