Lets end dating violence

We’re familiar with this topic as it pertains to adults, but many are surprised to find that dating abuse is so prevalent among adolescents and young people.

At Break the Cycle, we work to not only educate but also empower young people to build healthy relationships.

Trapping a person in a financially dependent relationship is a form of abuse.

It is any action that affects a person’s ability to control his or her sexual activity or the circumstances in which it occurs, including rape, coercion, or the restriction of access to birth control.Financial abuse, which some may say is more relevant to adults, is starting to find its way into youth relationships.Buying a partner’s love is one way to control them.Domestic abuse is a topic that few want to talk about.It is a silent epidemic that may be seen through bruises and cuts or heard through yelling and screaming. So many stay silent about their abuse, not realizing that the choice to remain silent may have harsher consequences than the abuse itself.

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