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But there's no rest for the wicked and afternoons at the ranch are challenging with THREE back-to-back 50-minute exercise classes.

Activities ranged from circuit training and cardio intervals to total body and core workouts to continue the day's intense fat burning. It is a social experience as guests from all walks of life and countries around the world congregate for a hearty - and well-deserved - meal.

On return from the hike, there is a very short break, literally enough time to change from my hiking shoes to my workout shoes, before the next exercise instalment begins.

This can be anything from water aerobics to kick boxing.

For anyone who has battled with their weight, and tried every fad diet going, watching The Biggest Loser has been a beacon of light on what can be possible.

Earlier this week, New York opera singer Olivia Ward was crowned The Biggest Loser of Season 11, having dropped a whopping 129lbs.

But it is also to ensure that we are not sunbathing or in our room watching television when we should be working out.

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I wanted to push myself to limits I never had, give it my all to see if I too could get the same results I had watched contestants achieve time and time again on the show.She transformed herself from an obese 261lbs to a svelte 132lbs, taking home a 0,000 prize on Tuesday night's live show.But the astounding results are not just limited to the lucky few who make it on to the TV show - they are also available to those brave enough to check into the one of the Biggest Loser Resorts.Also part of the fitness team is Sam Pou'eu who was one of the more memorable cast members from Season 9 when he appeared on the show with his cousin Koli Palu.Sam is an example of how the show and losing weight can transform someone's life.

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