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It was one of the most famous things the American Pop artist ever said, in part because it captured his apparently cool, ironic and detached attitude towards the world.

Warhol wanted people to think that he was a little like a camera lens, blank and all-seeing, recording whatever he encountered in order to replicate both the glamour and the depravity of Western capitalism.

The gilded celebrity portraits of the Seventies adapted pictures taken using a Polaroid camera.

Then, in 1976, he bought a compact, “point-and-shoot” 35mm Minox camera, which he often carried with him until his death in 1987, ceaselessly documenting his life as he happily snapped away, taking thousands upon thousands of frames.

Thank goodness that there are none of the trivial Polaroid studies for Warhol’s money-trumps-everything portraits of famous folk during the Seventies.

At the same time, there is no question that these photographs were taken by anyone other than Warhol.

I bought this months ago and it played fine on my Mac Book. But no movie at all, after after paying over for it, really sucks.

Now I just tried it on my friend's Blu Ray machine and it says it is 'prohibited from playing' with no further explanation.

Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: He was the world-renowned King of Pop Artand his life was about to take a dramatic turn in exchange for someone else's fifteen minutes of fame!The use of serial imagery, for example, as well as the subject matter, including everyday household goods such as jars of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, or celebrities like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jerry Hall: these read immediately as “Warhol”.There is a searing stitched multiple portrait of Liza Minnelli leaning backwards and looking crazed and sexual that brilliantly evokes the decadence of the disco era.(However, of course, I don't agree with her hate towards men.)I thought this film was very, very interesting. A woman so complex and, quite literally, a near-genius I. Lili Taylor made her acting look so natural & convincing.And I was impressed that the directing was so well done. I hope she won an Oscar for this difficult & controversial role.

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