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This attractive town that sits on the northern edge of the Harz region makes an ideal base for exploring Harz National Park in addition to offering many of its own allures.Wernigerode is not only famous for its unique architecture, with its town hall considered one of the country’s most important landmarks, but it’s also known for its dark history of witches as a former center for many followers of the black arts.Surrounded by vineyards that produce outstanding Moselle wines, it is picture-postcard perfect.Even the Romans sang the praises of this striking landscape, and while, a few things have changed since then, the allure remains the same.

Rebuilt in 1237 after a fire, the structure bears Gothic architecture and boasts exquisite carvings and artifacts.

Fortunately, it also escaped the ravages of the war, and boasts more than a millennia of history that can be seen in its stunning architecture and culture.

Often regarded as one of Germany’s most attractive settlements, its old town is almost completely devoid of modern structures.

Not only is Garmisch-Partenkirchen popular with outdoor enthusiasts, it makes a perfect base for excursions to Ludwig II’s palaces, including Schloss Linderhof and the lesser-known Jagdschloss Schachen, as well as Oberammergau.

This incredibly photogenic town on the Elbe, just north of Dresden, is renowned for its porcelain, which carries a trademark of two crossed blue swords and is’ valued around the world.

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