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" Women want to be seen (and complimented on how they look) and desperately need to be heard. But more than that, while "You don't look fat" is certainly better than "You could use to lose a few pounds," "You always look beautiful to me" is best of all.Through clear words and eye contact: "I love you." And through physical affection. It's Marriage 101 that if your wife asks you if she looks fat, the answer is ALWAYS no. "No matter what you weigh, I'll always find you attractive" is also good. "I like the way that dress looks on you." "Those are great colors." "That's a good style for you." Even an appreciative smile goes a long way.Artifacts from Egypt, for example, show that same-sex relationships not only existed, but the discovery of a pharaonic tomb for such a couple shows their union was recognized by the kingdom.Meanwhile, accounts of the Israelites’ departure for Canaan include their condemnation of Egyptian acceptance of same-sex practice.) but I do like him to assuage my fears and anxieties (call me wimp or call me honest) and I know I'm not alone.

The relationship consisted of a standardized courtship ritual and the basic belief that male attraction to other men was typically considered to be a sign of masculinity.

I used to repeat myself over and over until I finally got a response.

I've learned to say it once and then ask immediately for feedback, "Did you hear that idea or should I say it again?

She lives with her husband and nine children in Los Angeles where they both work for Aish Ha Torah.

When she isn''t writing for the Internet or taking care of her family, Emuna teaches classes on Judaism, organizes gourmet kosher cooking groups and hosts many Shabbos guests.

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