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In just 7 months every outdoor enthusiast in the Nordics could see a genuine recommendation of After Shokz.Smartphone’s market in Europe has been stable for years. Huawei faced a challenge: how to tap into the consumers’ mind as a high-end mobile devices producer considering Apple’s and Samsung’s domination.

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This public awareness campaign was brought to life by earned media and a coalition of actors from business and civil society.

At the center of the 360° global campaign was a unique celebration in partnership with customer EDF.

Critical to promoting GE’s technical leadership and significant investment in the innovative technology, the launch demanded a likewise innovative communications approach.

The Fair featured participation from 115 nations, 22 international organizations, as well as ground-breaking discussions on green energy revolution. Strategic Communication implemented a large-scale multi-channel communication campaign to highlight the event on the global scale.

In June 2016, GE inaugurated its first HA gas turbine by breaking a Guinness World Record.

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