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The most likely user of CAM according to the NCCIH is a white, educated, older (around 50) and relatively wealthy female.

Aside from the clinical offerings the hospital has made further efforts to make patients more comfortable by introducing several features for those in their teens and 20s.

This includes a lounge that is set up specifically for the age group that includes: The goal is to make younger patients feel more comfortable, and help address the social isolation from their peers that all too often can arise at that age.

This is not to say that either MSK or Roswell Park are perfect when it comes to the World of Pseudo-medicine.

This can include stopping sperm production for men, and early menopause for women.

Through consultations, patients can be adequately informed of these risks and can be recommended options such as sperm freezing and egg/embryo banking to facilitate future reproduction if desired.

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