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Phim (18 ) Nàng Thơ | A Muse (2012) của điện ảnh Hàn Quốc kể về cuộc tình tay ba của 2 đôi nam nữ trẻ và anh nhà thơ.

Later, during production of the third season of Celebrity Rehab, Peniche contacted Pinsky for help.

Peniche was born in San Diego, California on March 20, 1984.

Her mother, Lee Ann Rosenbarger, is a business consultant. After their parents divorced, the three siblings lived with their mother, who was an extreme perfectionist (especially about schoolwork). After briefly moving the family to Houston, Texas, Peniche's mother remarried and moved them to a home on Blue Lake in Fairview, Oregon.

At age 16, Peniche won a six-week contract to model in Korea. Peniche stated that she did not think there would be any issue, since: she claimed that nothing in her beauty pageant contract prohibited her from doing nude modeling; and, her Playboy issue was not published for sale until after her reign had ended.

Peniche went on to host Xtreem, a Seattle-based, cable television program featuring local bands and extreme sports; and, the Boom Boom Huck Jam event.

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